Waiting in the Wings 3

Greg Aitken keeps us up to date…

4 September 2017

The excitement of the first rehearsal continues as the production becomes more confident and clearer with its intentions. The rehearsals continue to reveal the beauty of the language and the comedy/tragedy of the characters. The dress rehearsal for the Cardiff cast with Drill Hall actors Owen Trevor-Jones and Greg Aitken adding to that mix, was last night with the final dress tonight with the cast that will be seen in Mullumbimby.
Patricia Cornelius has her characters ask questions that often another character can’t answer. Sometimes the characters themselves can’t answer their own questions like,’ Who am I?’ The songs that Maria sings (beautifully by Susan Gallagher ) are of exile. Maria wants to go home but has a great skill to survive. Ray Thomas, the director, emphasises Scott’s line in the production style that, ‘each man is wrapped and trapped within himself.’
The device of having The Explorers delusional has the effect of entering into their inner worlds. Mary’s child like enthusiasm is in contrast to Bowers fall from worldly grace. Oates has a demon he is facing. Scott searching for triumph and Evans comes to terms in not saving the world. These are beautifully drawn characters.
The Cardiff cast worked a treat at their dress rehearsal. The first run on stage. The Chapter theatre has seating for 96 without a proscenium arch giving it flexibility. We see the lights and know we are in a theatre. It is the players, the script and design that take us on the journey.
That journey continues to its final destination the Drill Hall Theatre Mullumbimby.