Venue Hire

20160721_105211The Drill Hall is an intimate theatre space licenced to seat an audience of 103.

Please note that anyone hiring the Drill Hall must carry public liability insurance.

If you would like to hire the hall for your next event or performance, please check the CALENDAR to see if the Hall is available, and if it is, fill out the form below.

You may also phone or email the Theatre Manager using the contact details below.

Please note that the Drill Hall is in a residential area
and is not a suitable venue for loud music.
In particular, heavy bass music and drumming is not permitted. 
All music should cease by 10 pm and the hall vacated by 11 pm.  
Please respect our neighbours.

Please also note that Covid-19 restrictions currently apply.  Please read
before booking.

Hire summary:
     $25 per hour
     Session Prices
            3 hours – $60
            6 hours – $120
            9 hours – $150
    Hall (without tiered seating):            $100
    Hall (with tiered seating):                 $150
    Lighting Equipment:                         $50 (plus operator)
    Sound Equipment:                           $50 (plus operator)
    Projector Screen:                            $25
    Tables for Cabaret-style seating:    $50


    Additional charges apply for projector hire and light/sound/projection operator.
    Most productions require tiered seating, light and sound equipment, a hire charge
    of $250 per performance

Current hire rates range from $25 per hour for classes/rehearsals (reduced rate for “ongoing” users) to $100 – $250 for a performance/event.  The ‘bare’ theatre can be hired for a performance/event fee of $100.  If tiered seating is required and it will be for most performances/events, there is an additional charge of $50.  When using tiered seating the hirer is required to install and remove the safety railings.

There are no additional charges for the use of the kitchen, (which includes stove, microwave, urn, fridge, dishwasher and some cutlery and crockery) on the condition that it is left clean and tidy.

Theatre lighting and sound equipment can also be hired at a cost of $50 (each) per performance. There is also a charge for a technician to operate the lights/sound/projection if this is needed, as an experienced operator is required.  A theatre screen is also available at a cost of $25.  A projector is available but must be operated by a Drill Hall Theatre technician (at a cost).

A bond ($50 – $100 depending on the event) is payable beforehand and refunded afterwards if the hall is left, clean, tidy, secured and with all lights, fans and appliances turned off.

Air conditioning at the Drill Hall can be operated by a coin machine, 3x $1 coins per hour.  A flat rate per performance can be negotiated if there is a Drill Hall committee person at the event.

Please read the following information about the sound equipment at the drill

Any events booked at the Drill Hall may be promoted on the Drill Hall website.
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    Contact Details

    Theatre Manager:  Tara Haughton
    Phone: 0425 763 737
    4 Jubilee Avenue
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