Incomplete: my story of spinal cord injury

Book Launch

Saturday 23 November @ 6pm

By: Tim Winton-Brown

After eight years of consistent work it is finally finished; a memoir detailing a quadriplegic spinal cord injury that will now be launched at the Drill Hall Theatre, Saturday, November 23 at 6 pm.

With over 20 years of lived experience with disability, this is a story that traverses the highs and the lows of a devastating injury. It’s an unflinching and honest look at a life with a teenage acquired disability and how that’s impacted on the rest of life.

Titled Incomplete, it is the story of how Tim broke his neck while on a student exchange to Indonesia, only months after finishing high school.

Now 40 years old, Tim is more reflective and more appreciative of his situation and the struggles he has survived. His book details some of the successes, as well as the struggle, while always trying to be honest with illuminating its emotionally challenging aspects.

Detailing his difficult emotional terrain with a personal reportage style, it is a book that addresses some of the real vulnerability of living with spinal cord injury and disability.

I was always encouraged as a child and a teenager to express my feelings, but this had been more difficult than I could’ve imagined. It can be really hard work, and a bit weird,” Tim said.

He is looking forward to launching his memoir and sharing his story with the wider community.