Covid-19 Requirements at the Drill Hall


A condition on entering the Drill Hall is the willingness of participants to register attendance.  The preferred option is using the Drill Hall QR Code.  If participants do not have a smartphone, a friend may register their attendance.  If this is not practical then the organiser should be asked about an alternative method of registration.


All venues may move to the one person per 2sqm rule meaning classes of up to 51 participants (plus any instructors/assistants) may operate at the Drill Hall as long as the procedures in the COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN are followed.


All events to revert to the 4 square metre rule (25 persons)

For Ticketed Theatre Events, where ticketholders are assigned to seating, tickets can be sold to 100% capacity of the theatre.  For the Drill Hall, this means an audience of 103 in the auditorium.  Physical distancing is still required and the COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN must be followed.

Non-ticketed events may operate if they can adhere to the one person per 2 square metre rule and the 1.5-metre physical distancing rule.  For the Drill Hall, this means a restriction of no more than 51 persons in the auditorium.  Procedures in the COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN must be followed.

What’s in the Covid-19 Safety Plan?

Byron Shire Council managed halls have reopened post based on the NSW Government’s Covid-19 Safety Plan for Community Centres and Halls.  The safety plan includes the following:


  • The exclusion of staff, volunteers and visitors who are unwell or who have been in identified Covid-19 hotspots in the last 14 days.
  • Ensuring conditions of entry of the Drill Hall are on display.
  • All participants register their attendance. The preferred option is the use of the Drill Hall QR code but where this is not practical, alternative registration is provided.
  • Ensuring all touched surfaces are cleaned first with detergent and water, then with disinfectant, at the conclusion of any activity.
  • Ensuring capacity does not exceed the number allowed for the activity.
  • Ensuring that participants are aware of the 1.5 metres physical distancing rule and apply this where practical.
  • Ensuring there are no deliberate body contact activities.
  • Having strategies in place to manage gatherings that may occur immediately outside the premises.
  • Ensuring toilets have strategies in place to reduce crowding and promote social distancing.
  • The adoption of good hand hygiene practices. Ensuring hand sanitiser is accessible at the venue entry and elsewhere in the facility.
  • Ensuring bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels.
  • Ensuring that where food is provided that one person be allocated to serve and this person should practise hand hygiene before and after service.
  • Reducing sharing of equipment where practical and ensuring equipment is cleaned with detergent and disinfectant between use.
  • The regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for longer activities).
  • Making your staff aware of the COVIDSafe app and its benefits to support contact tracing, if required.
  • Ensuring cooperation with NSW Health if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19 and notify SafeWork NSW on 13 10 50.


Classes of up to 51 participants can resume at the Drill Hall as long as the following procedures are followed.

  • If you are sick or feeling even slightly unwell please go home immediately and do not enter the Drill Hall.
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry and practise hand hygiene at all times.
  • All participants register their attendance. The preferred option is the use of the Drill Hall QR code but where this is not practical, alternative registration is provided.
  • The number of persons allowed in the Drill Hall at any one time is 25 class participants plus up to 5 instructors/helpers.
  • You still need to keep a social distance of 1.5 metres at all times.
  • Bring your own water bottle. In the interest of public health, the kitchen will usually be closed.
  • if you are involved in aerobic activities bring your own towel.
  • Bring your own equipment (where practical).
  • If equipment is shared it must be disinfected between users.
  • Any equipment kept at the Drill Hall must be disinfected before being stored.
  • Remember that the Covid-19 app, COVISSafe has been designed to speed up contacting people exposed to the coronavirus. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

The latest Covid-19 regulations as they apply to the Drill Hall can be found here

The following links also provide information on COVID-Safe Plans required, although venue capacity numbers quoted are no longer relevant.