Songs for the Soul



Songs for the Soul – Alice Night and Sophia Tuv

We invite you to a special evening
an evening with Alice Night, Sophia Tuv & Special Artist Guests.
Friday 20/8 at Drill Hall Mullumbimby.
Please note, this is an adults-only event.
The audience is limited to 50 people so get in quick..
We have a sliding scale ticketing option for you. The ‘gift of love’ options will help us to make the night even more wonderful with guest artists and nice lights etc, and also create more sustainable music careers for Alice and Sophia.

Alice Night

Alice Night is an Australian, English singer-songwriter who shares original folk songs rich in narrative, lyricism, and honesty. She is most noted for the stirring tone of her voice. She is equal parts mysterious and straight-up. She has released five collections of recorded music.

‘Alice Night’ concocts an elegant sonic world of the strangely familiar. She charts a wavering journey through densely beautiful and effortless personal song worlds that ask us to fall deeper into them.’ – Lawrence English – ROOM40

‘Her voice makes me feel like I am walking through an ancient Nordic forest in a time I can’t understand.’ – audience member.

Sophia Tuv

A Jerusalem-born singer and songwriter. Her music is embedded with modern-day prayers that speak of the journey from darkness to light, peace, healing, and deep connection with nature. Ancient mystical traditions and her extensive travels colour her musical canvas. Sophia is classically and jazz trained. Drawing on her professional knowledge, her path is one of the spiritual connections. Her ethereal voice has been known to awaken the souls of her listeners.

Sophia writes and sings in both Hebrew and English. She collects songs, prayers, and chants from around the world. She currently also offering workshops and private voice sessions to awaken the birth rite gift of all the voice.

These are very strange and uncertain times.

We believe that now more than ever is a time where music and song are greatly needed. We are incredibly grateful and humbled to be of service through song, sound, and music. Because of this, we are passionate about finding ways to make this happen.

In an event where unforeseeable restrictions prevent the audience from attending (something that hopefully does not happen), we will either move the evening to an online platform with beautiful sound and lighting or postpone the evening to another date.

Tickets purchased can be passed on to someone else but there will be no refunds. We will be investing to make this evening beautiful and share the music.

Dear community: It’s important for us to express that As musicians holding the space we are legally asked to uphold the Current regulations.  We ask you to not put the event in a compromising position and respect+uphold the current regulations.

  • If You do not feel well or have been in a hotspot up to 14 days prior to the event please stay at home
  • please register your attendance at entry with a QR code or written attendance registration.
  • Please wear a mask
  • please be aware of keeping 1.5 meters distance from others
  • please avoid gatherings after the concert outside.

– ————————————–

We are excited and honoured to share this space with you.

With love Alice & Sophia

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