Old Men Dancing


Movement and dance exploration

Mondays 2:00 ~ 3:30 pm

with Local Dancemaker Kimberley McIntyre & members of the Drill Hall Theatre Company

“Old men dancing, is a response to my being involved with the Drill Hall theatre company and being inspired by the support, talent and passion of the “old” men I met there.

It is also a response by me to a cheeky offer by one of these men to join me and my dance partner on stage. We were at the time performing an improvised duet dance piece in Drill Bits 2017.

So I am pursuing this offer with my own counteroffer to share process and practice around movement and improvisation from a dance perspective. I will share this practice with any old men who would like to give it a go.

It is a project for people interested in exploring movement and dance.

There will be a performance outcome in the future, although we will not rush towards it. I am more interested in the process.

Everyone is welcome to move within their capabilities. There are lots of elements in movement improvisation that I have been actively exploring and performing for over 20 years. And I look forward to the constellation of the Drill Hall’s older male members plus anyone else in the community who is interested.” – Kimberley

For more details Email drillhalltheatre@gmail.com


Old Men Dancing “Flash Mob” event at HOT SHORTS 2019
Saturday 9th November 2019


The Northern Star’s response to the “Flash Mob” event at HOT SHORTS 2019