A Good Look Around Revisited

Earlier in 2014 Tony Barry, noted Aussie actor and much-loved patron of DHTC, hosted a weekend of artistic activism that focused on developing performance pieces that emphasised a message of love for the planet and gentle, loving satire for those who may not have its best interests at heart.

This weekend was the next stage in that process and was held at:

The Drill Hall Theatre, Mullumbimby on Friday 31 October and Saturday 1st November at 6pm.

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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

July 25, 26, 27 and August 1,2,3,8,9,10

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, written by Alan Ball, is a seriously humourous play that combines a celebration of female friendship with a satire on the pretensions and foibles and of the upper-middle class and an expose of the skeletons in their closets. A play that women will identify with and through which men will learn a lot of secret women’s business, especially what women think about men and talk about when men aren’t present.

Alan Ball is the academy award winning screenwriter of “American Beauty” and scriptwriter and producer of the television favourites “Six Feet Under” & “True Blood”.  “Five Women Wearing The Same Dress ” is in the vein of these popular hits and will delight fans of Alan Ball’s uniquely skewed point of view, his wit and his ingenuity.


“Five Women Wearing The Same Dress” is directed by Mike Russo and Georgia Martin and features a talented cast consisting of Kate Foster, Madeleine Serrier, Madeleine Lipson, Catherine Volkov, Melia Naughton and Hank Spangler.

This play is for the broad-minded as it contains adult themes including sex, gender politics and drug taking and includes some strong language.

Melia Naughton in pink surrounded by (L to R) Madeleine Lipson,
Kate Foster and Madeleine Serrier.



Come and Have “A Good Look Around”

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 4, 5, 6 July 2014

something a little different ……..

An Invitation To Join Us In Some Politically Motivated Creativity

Tony Barry is a well-known Australian actor who has done us the honour of agreeing to be the Patron of the Drill Hall Theatre Company. Tony believes that Australian values, that can be simply summed up as “a fair go for all”, are being undermined by our current political situation and he is powerfully motivated to do what he can to work towards a change for the better. Tony believes that the role of the politically motivated artist is to shine a light on social issues in order to facilitate the discovery of solutions.

Along with other members of the Drill Hall Theatre Company Tony is sending out the following call to actors, performers, artists, musicians, film makers and all other creative activists:

  • Do you feel pissed off that greed and stupidity are calling the shots while being fuelled by political bastardry that results in an erosion of our values and the vandalising of the environment?
  • Do you want to join the search for alternatives through a creative collective of ideas and insights?

If you do then you might like to join us in the Drill Hall Theatre on Friday evening July 4 at 6pm and if you like what you see, then you might want to come for the ride over the next two evenings and contribute to a presentation, of sorts, on the evening of Sunday July 6. We guarantee you an experience of empowerment through play, serious play! Bring your favourite political cartoon, your concerns, ideas, wit, skills and your wisdom.

The conveners, Tony Barry, Greg Aitken and Michael Hennessy warmly welcome all serious players to become participating pranksters helping to suggest a more nourishing game to play.

We will be gathering at 6pm on Friday July 4 to workshop ideas; 5pm on Saturday July 5 to further develop those ideas; and 6pm on Sunday July 6 to review what we have come up with and where we might go from there. One of our primary goals will be to develop performance based ways to inform and empower others to express and share their political views.

The kitchen will be open and a gold coin donation towards costs would be welcome.

…. and the result.  Go to the following must see link in Echonetdaily.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream


APRIL 25, 26, 27, MAY 2,3,4 & 9,10,11, 2014

The Drill Hall Theatre Company is excited to present A Midsummer Night’s Dream, opening on the 25th April for nine performances through to 11th May.  The production is inspired by William Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday.

Brimming with a cast of 25, and supported by a creative team of over a dozen (and growing), the new production is currently in rehearsal preparing to honour the Great Bard, in lavish style, on his birthday, 26th April.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a deliciously delightful romantic comedy navigating the high and lows of passionate young love, traversing spiritual and earthly realms with spiralling misunderstandings and deeply satisfying resolutions.

The DHTC’s production is set locally in Mullumbimby in the late 1960’s with the music, moratoriums and mayhem of social revolution forming the backdrop to Shakespeare’s homage to love, together with the infamously mischievous characters Puck and Bottom.

Some of the cast of “The Dream” hard at work rehearsing


Production Team:

Directors:  Dominick Reyntiens, Max Donati,  Melinda Saxe
Supervising Director:  Gregory Aitken
Choreographer/ Production Designer:  Michael Hennessy
Executive Producer:  Michael Borenstein
Producer:  Tim Winton-Brown
Costume and Set Designer:  Svea Bjornsson
Lighting Designers:  Sunita Bailey & Melinda Saxe
Digital Art and Poster Art-Work:  Ken Ford
Production Manager:  Susie Strong
Stage Manager:  Ben Morrissey


and 26 Superb Performers:

Cate Feldmann, Owen Trevor-Jones, Sam Hemphill, Mike Russo, Max Foggon, Simon Dubber, Hayley Acton, Phoebe Lines, Laurie Axtens, Chris Benaud, Danyon Saxe-Wilson, Eryn Thackray-Smith, Robin Brady, Sue Hird, Michael Lill, Kasadevi Curtis, Max Donati, Mandi Sabasio-Ong, Maureen Lill, Danni Ducanson, Ebony Webb, Tara Brady, Reuben Saxe, Susie Strong,  Ben Morrissey and Snoopy the Dog.



Arts Northern Rivers: https://artsnorthernrivers.com.au/blog/midsummer-in-mullum


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Dave Heggie in the Summerland News:  http://www.summerlandcoast.com.au/summerland-news/item/a-mid-summerland-night-s-dream


Tracey Hordern in The Northern Star (Friday May 2, 2014).

Sarah Smith in the Byron Shire Echo: http://www.echo.net.au/2014/04/midsummer-still-in-mullum/


William Brener


Raise the Curtains!


Your local theatre needs you … to be entertained!

The Drill Hall Theatre Company presents a variety show style fundraiser Sunday 16 March from 5pm for one night only.

With a wide range of performers from comedy to music to short theatre skits, it promises to be sensational early evening of frivolity and family fun.

Some of the featured acts will include the Hinterland Wayfareres, Mavis and Jean Circus acts, El Psycho  and The Ghost Chickens.

The fundraiser is being staged with a strong  community effort and a wonderful volunteer spirit to raise the capital required to continue alterations and improvements to the Drill Hall Theatre’s stage in preparation for an exciting 2014 season of theatre and beyond.

Tickets available at the door.