Hot Shorts 2013

11, 12, 13 October and 18, 19, 20 October, 2013


In a change from previous years The Drill Hall Theatre Company’s “HOT SHORTS” 10-minute play competition in 2013 was judged prior to performance on the basis of how well the play had been written. The three judges were Jeni Caffin, the Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre Director and Director of the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival; Lisa Walker, who is the NRWC Writer Development Manager, author of two best-selling novels, an award-winning short story writer and radio playwright; and an anonymous Australian actor who is a household name of stage and screen fame. All three are familiar with navigating their way through theatre scripts.

Jeni was delighted to be asked to head the judging panel and stated that “the ten finalists are testament, though none was needed, to the diversity and dynamism of writing for performance in our region. The styles and themes were wide ranging, but humour omnipresent. Ultimately, one clear winner emerged and the decision was unanimous.”
Drill Hall Theatre Company Artistic Director Mike Russo says, “There are some very fine plays among this year’s finalists, with six previous prize-winners represented. Rehearsals are going well and audiences will enjoy the balance between comedy, satire and tragedy and should have fun deciding which play they will vote for to decide the audience prizes.”

The 10 short plays were performed at the Drill Hall Theatre, Mullumbimby over two weekends in October 2013 – Friday 11 and 18; Saturday 12 and 19 at 8pm and Sunday 13 and 20 at 5pm in October.

The plays selected for 2013 were :

Writer                                        Paula Williams
Director                                     Paula Williams/Mike Russo
Peter Morley                              Stirling Nougher
T.V. Show Host                         Mike Russo

Writer                                        Michael Lill
Director                                     Mike Russo
Man                                           Ghofar Bourke
Woman                                     Melinda Saxe
Body                                          Hamish Wilson

Writer                                        Jan Baldwin
Director                                     Jan Baldwin
Harry                                         Colin Thornton

Writer                                        Greg Aitken
Director                                     Greg Aitken
Sal                                             Joanna Stephens
Roddy                                        Max Donati
Olivia                                          Diana Ridoutt
Choreographer/Designer           Michael Hennessy
Production Manager                  Sunita Bailey

Writer                                        Monique Lavail
Director                                     Monique Lavail
Meryl                                         Georgia Martin
Geoffrey                                    Mike Russo
Pro                                           Jo Hawkins
Sleepy                                      Georgia Berriman
Clumsy                                     Cheryl Wheatley
Hippie                                        Majida Hawkins
Tragic                                       Kathryn Sefton
Rowdy                                      Cheryl Wheatley
New Age                                   Georgia Berriman
Production Manager                 Hamish Wilson
Production Assistant                Niki

Writer                                        John Smithwick
Director                                     Peter Gough
The Bureaucrat                        Cotti Radonyi
The Applicant                           Justice Hamnett
The Hologram                           Carl Taylor
Assistant Director                    Cotti Radonyi

Writer                                        Denise Lego
Director                                     Denise Lego
Greg Mullins                              MurraySmith
Max                                           Robynn Goddard
Elly                                            Cheryl Wheatley

Writer                                        Max Strong
Director                                     Max Strong
Jack                                          Peter Henson
Sophie                                      Jacquelina Wills
Waiter                                       Casper Brace

Writer                                        Bette Guy
Director                                     Bette Guy
Barbara                                     Sharon Brodie

Writer                                        Michael Lill
Director                                     Georgia Martin
Maria                                         Cate Feldmann
Daniel                                        Greg Aitken

Artistic Director                         Mike Russo
Production Manager                 Monique Lavail
Lighting                                     Alex Benham
Sound                                        Monique Lavail
Stage Managers                        Hamish Wilson & Mike Russo
Poster                                       Marion Russo
Programme                              Georgia Martin


Most Popular Play (chosen by the audience)

THE PROMISED LAND written by Michael Lill
Directed by Georgia Martin
Performed by Cate Feldmann and Greg Aitken

VOTE COUNTING written by John Smithwick
Directed by Peter Gough, assisted by Cotti Radonyi
Performed by Cotti Radonyi, Justice Hamnett and Carl Taylor.
I LOVE ACTING written by Monique Lavail
Directed by Monique Lavail
Performed by Georgia Martin, Mike Russo, Jo Hawkins, Georgia Berriman, Cheryl Wheatley, Majida Hawkins and Kathryn Sefton.

BEST WRITTEN PLAY (judged by a Panel)

TERRA NULLIUS written by Michael Lill.

Pig Iron People

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 2013

by John Doyle

Directed by Michael Borenstein

Set on a quiet suburban street with not quite enough parking for the residents, The Pig Iron Peopleexamines two generations and the way the politics of their time have shaped them.Characterised by John Doyle’s humour, which brilliantly illuminates the hearts of his characters, The Pig Iron Peopleis a timely satire infused with profound tolerance for the foibles of humanity.Australia, 1996: The winds of change begin to blow like a gale through the nation as a new government has taken the reins. Nick’s out of step.  He’s a writer; no writer has ever lived on Liberal Street before and the residents are making sure he knows it.From now on people will have to make their own way in the world. People will no longer be rewarded for being weak. The madness is over… The people have spoken. This is what they want, this is what they voted for, and if you don’t see it like them, then you are out of step. So get used to it. In this suburban satire, John Doyle’s infectious humour takes an affable yet sublimely sharp look at an Australia we all recognise.Performance dates: May 2013