The Great Coarse Acting Show

November 1989

These plays cover a range of disasters appalling enough to turn any show into a coarse one. 

A Fish in Her Kettle by David Pearson: In this disaster, the cast is trapped on stage when the door jams. 

Present Slaughter by Jane Dewey and Don Starkey: This play collapses because the leading man cuts his wrist on a glass. 

Stalag 69 by Michael Green: This seminal investigation into the relationship between men and war unfolds on an inverted set that collapses completely during the second run through. 

Julius and Cleopatra by Michael Green: This Roman spectacular illustrates two laws of coarse acting: everyone in the crowd is hideously deformed and all pain is felt in the bowels, regardless of where the wound is!

The Crimson Stain

Directed by Peg Gloor

Busy Bodies (Repeat)

by Pat Woods

Directed by Shirley Gay

September 1989

They Had to Go

by Lorna Bol

Directed by Richard Tucker

Busy Bodies

by Pat Woods

Directed by Shirley Gay

July 1989

They Came to a City

by J B Priestley

Directed by Audrey Hoving

April 1989

Just before dawn the play’s characters — who represent every stratum of society — come to the wall overlooking a strange city whose gate is shut against them.

At daybreak they are admitted and towards the end of the day some have found it to be the ideal earth has never achieved. So that everyone may know of this attainable perfection, two of them make the sacrifice of leaving the city to return to their sinful world.