The Pitfalls of Marriage (From Erection to Resurrection)

December 1987

The Killing of Sister George

by Frank Marcus

October 1987

A scathing examination of the public and private lives of so-called “cultural icons”. “Sister George” is a beloved character on a popular BBC soap opera, a cheerful nurse who bicycles about the countryside singing hymns and doing good. In private life, June Buckridge the actress, is a swaggering, foul-mouthed, alcoholic lesbian in a long-term relationship with waifish Alice “Childie” McNaught. Due to low ratings, cut-backs and June’s own bad behavior, the BBC decides to “kill Sister George” on the series. A visit from Miss Mercy Croft, a no-nonsense network executive bearing the bad news sends George into meltdown, which results in “Childie’s” retreat to the arms of Mercy.



by Alan Ayckbourn

Directors:  Carol Chapman, Audrey Hoving, Joan Llewellyn, Jim Rose & Pauline Williams

July 1987

Alan Ackybourn’s Confusions is series of five, short, interlinked one-act plays: Mother Figure, Drinking Companion, Between Mouthfuls, Gosforth’s Fete, and A Talk in the Park. Some of the characters appear in more than one play; others are only seen in one. Each play is vastly different – one is comedic (Gosforth’s Fete), another naturalistic (Drinking Companion), and yet another is stylized (Mother Figure). Each, however, deals with the common themes of loneliness and relationships. The characters and their conflicts are immediately recognizable and applicable to everyday lives, and each play leaves the reader, or viewer, questioning their own lives and relationships.