Trivia with a Twist

Saturday 4th March at 7pm


The Drill Hall Theatre Company is hosting Trivia with a Twist – a different sort of quiz night, full of fun and surprises, commencing at 7pm on Saturday, March 4.

It will cost $10.00 entry with a complimentary raffle ticket and nibbles provided. Cakes, quiches, tea, coffee will be sold, plus a well-stocked bar will be open. Many prizes will be given and a substantial prize will be awarded to the winners.

Trivia with a Twist is a fun-raiser for a co-production of the Drill Hall Theatre Company with the Everyman Theatre in Cardiff Wales. The chosen play ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ written by Patricia Cornelius will share a Welsh/Australian cast and be performed in Cardiff and Mullumbimby.

A team of eight is ideal but come along anyway even if you don’t have a team, as you can join a team on the night.

To book please ring Sonia on 66842112

Twelfth Night

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 October & 4, 5, 6 November

Friday and Saturday performances at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm


The Drill Hall Theatre Company presents

Not quite Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT

a Rock & Roll Musical with Circus Interludes featuring an All-Female Cast.

It’s over 400 years since Shakespeare wrote this play which turned out to be his farewell to pure comedy. After TWELFTH NIGHT his comedies have a darker element that may have been influenced by the death of his son Hamnet, the many deaths caused by the plague, advancing age or the perfection of his tragedies. Luckily for us he celebrated the Elizabethan dolce vita with a romantic comedy that balances the gaiety and boisterousness of the drunken carousing of Sir Toby Belch with the pathos of unrequited love and the pomposity and self-deception of Malvolio and Sir Andrew Aguecheek. The twelfth night after Christmas was an Elizabethan festival on which the close of the Christmas / New Year season was celebrated and it was the night when this brilliant comedy was first performed. It conjures a carnival world of mistaken identity and gender confusion infused with the poetic genius of its creator.

In Director, Mike Russo’s words, “It seems more appropriate to me to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of our greatest poet with a rollicking comedy rather than a tragedy and TWELFTH NIGHT is one of our greatest comedies. I’ve edited the script to make it more accessible and to enliven the celebration even more. I have set our production in the 1950’s and included eight songs played by a live band and four circus interludes. In Shakespeare’s day, only males were allowed to perform on stage which led to young men playing women who sometimes pretended to be young men. I decided that, after 400 years, it was time to experiment with the alternative and chose an all-female cast. I’m delighted to report that the experiment has been a great success.

We’ve had a lot of fun working on TWELFTH NIGHT and look forward to presenting it to you.”


Encounters at Mullum

Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre

Friday 7th, Saturday 8th October at 7:30 pm, and Sunday 9th October at 5 pm 

…. proudly supported by The Drill Hall Theatre Company


Encounters at Mullum Poster_small


Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre presents ENCOUNTERS, Sprung!!’s latest, beautiful dance theatre work.  Encounters explores the journey of individuation and the quest for identity and belonging with 12 dancers, with and without disability.  Artistic Director Michael Hennessy, who danced with Sydney Dance Company for 9 years, leads this project with local dance company Sprung!! The work incorporates film backdrops by Fernleigh filmmaker John Rado.

Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre, led by Michael Hennessy, develops dance theatre works that inspire mainstream audiences and promote a more inclusive society. The nonprofit organization also provides dance and theatre workshops for persons in the community with and without disability, with a focus on collaborative and disability-led process, and providing opportunities for training in integrated dance, dance and physical theatre.

The Encounters Premiere at Mullumbimby will kick off a week of conversation on Arts, Health and Disability that will culminate in repeat performances of Encounters at Lennox Heads Community Centre as part of an Arts and Health Weekend, with a disability, arts and health Forum chaired by Dr Robyn Brady, Paediatrician and Sprung!! President. Catherine Marciniak from ABC Open intends to extend the conversation through collations of Arts-Health local stories and inviting guest posts and radio reads throughout the week.

Sprung!! thanks the Drill Hall Theatre Company for their support with Encounters.

Talk to Sprung!! via our facebook page

Robyn Brady (Paediatrician and President) 0404826662
Michael Hennessy (Artistic Director, ex Sydney Dance Company) 0403869126

‘night, Mother

Friday, Saturday 23 & 24 September at 7:30pm & Sunday 25 September at 2pm



Raw, real and riveting theatre.

The play, ‘night, Mother, by Marsha Norman, a co-production between the Drill Hall Theatre Company Mullumbimby and White Swan productions is directed by Alka (Penelope Chater) and stars two of the region’s favourite actors, Linda Rutledge and Amanda Sebasio-Ong.

Marsha Norman received a Pulitzer Prize for Drama for ‘night, Mother, in 1983. Critics lauded the play for its emotional honesty and realistic dialogue, with much praise on the plays unflinchingly depiction of a family, specifically a mother and daughter, in crisis.

Linda Rutledge trained with Alka for three years in the 80’s and was directed by her in three plays in Byron Shire in the 90’s. In 2000 Linda assisted in creating Character Creation, which Alka now teaches internationally. Amanda Sebasio-Ong participated in the very first Character Creation class, which began in this region and has assisted and demonstrated for Alka in subsequent classes and seminars. Alka also directed Amanda in three productions whilst they both lived in Melbourne for the first ten years of 2000.

The production will be the first play in the rejuvenated Drill Hall Theatre. With comfortable tiered seating, air-conditioning and additional lighting, the space is fast becoming a quality venue without losing its Mullumbimby character.

‘night, Mother  plays for three performances 7.30pm Friday & Saturday 23 & 24 September and2pm Sunday 25 September.


Echo NETDAILY: September 15, 2016


Mullumbimby Drill Hall Centenary

Sunday 28th August from 11am

Flyer A4

What a day.  Thank you Mullumbimby community for helping The Drill Hall celebrate its centenary on Sunday 28th August.  The Belle of the hall (our own 100 year old local, Elva Julien) was there to cut the ribbon for the next 100 years and more……….

There was something to entice and entertain everyone at this family friendly celebration and entry was free.  It was great to see that so many people came dressed in period clothing fitting for the occasion.

You could sit in on a story and let your mind wander; or grab a hoola hoop or a skipping rope and be part of the action.  Others reminisced playing knuckles/jacks?  And others showed their children what we used to get up to when we were ankle-biters, letting them see that we haven’t lost your marbles yet, and could still give them a blast from your past!  There was a chalkboard for memories of the Drill Hall (great stories) and live music; food stalls for all tastes and community gardens interaction.  AND what would a community one-hundred-year celebration be without a Lions Barbecue by the Brunswick Mullumbimby Lions?

Art, craft, history, music, food, community, dance, theatre, storytelling for kids, interactive theatre and Mullumbimby’s Biggest Little Choir.  Even a Soap Box for the verbally erect among us (everyone was a bit shy with this one)  Current tutors at the Drill showed their wares and you could even join in a Pilates class.  And visitors had the opportunity to visit the Potters and their studio, out the back, and find out just how they made all that stuff.

Program (landscape)

What's On

And some comments from the Byron Shire Echo


1 2 3ww1 proganda poster










The Drill Bits Show

Friday & Saturday 15, 16, 22, 23 April at 7:30pm and Sunday Matinee 17th April at 2pm

Drill Bits Poster 2 (Small)

The Drill Hall Theatre Company’s performance The Drill Bits Show ran for 5 performances commencing Friday 15th April with additional performances on 16, 22, 23 at 7.30pm and a Sunday matinee on the 17th at 2pm. The Show was a delightful collection of dramatic bits, comedy bits, dance bits, music bits, film bits, with all the bits shaken into a theatrical cocktail that appealed to all tastes. Opening night was a fundraiser for COREM, that fantastic not for profit local group who were raising funds to install a PV system to the Drill Hall roof.  COREM was also busy in the kitchen preparing curries before each show.

In rehearsal

In rehearsal


Hot Shorts 2015

Fri, Sat, Sun 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 November


The Best Script prize, selected by a panel from the Northern Rivers Writers Centre, went to Michael Lill for his comedy “The Big One”. Congratulations to Michael, who also won this prize and the audience favourite with two separate plays in HOT SHORTS 2013.

First prize of the audience awards, The Peg Gloor Prize, went to Mike Russo with the dark comedy in the German expressionist style, “Mother’s Hat”.

Second prize went to Ollie Heathwood for her very visual comedy about ego in the theatre “Follow Spot”.

Third prize went to John McPherson for his very moving monologue “Mrs Serafini”. This was a beautiful piece about dealing positively with loss.

The Theatre Company isoverwhelmingly grateful for all who attended, all who participated and all who entered the competition. It was a fabulous celebration of a creative community. It’s particularly pleasing that nine actors from the Monday night workshops performed in the plays and did so well.

A huge thank you to Mike Russo for the coordination and to Shelagh Pepper for carrying out the difficult role of MC so well. Harry O’Meara, who operated sound and light for the first time did a terrific job and we hope he comes back to the Drill soon.

And not to forget all those who work behind the scenes to make a show like this a success: the stage managers; front of house and bookings; those coordinating and those working in the kitchen and the bar; the set construction;  those who set up and pack up the tiered seating: those involved in publicity including social media and the web site: and the Drill Hall Theatre Company Committee.

The Program for 2015


HOT SHORTS is a biennial competition first produced by the members of BAYLAB, an organisation founded by local theatre director Peg Gloor and writer Lorna Bol. It aims to encourage writing for the stage by Northern Rivers writers and has been presented seven times previously, the last two by DHTC. This year, from 31 entries, the independent panel chose the nine plays you see tonight, hoping to create a well balanced program reflecting a variety of current interests and theatre styles. Prizes to the writers are: $1,000 for the best written play as selected by a panel appointed by the Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre; the $500 Peg Gloor Prize for the audience favourite; a $300 second prize and $200 third prize. These last three prizes are determined by audience vote.

MC:    Shelagh Pepper
Artistic Director:     Mike Russo
Stage Managers:     Mike Russo and Des Mayblom
Lights & Sound:      Harry O’Meara
Catering:      Rae Richardson   Front of House:       Jan Milton Blanch



Alex Broun – “Kane And Doris”

Awkward. That moment when you are in a public place and the person next to you has a very public meltdown. My play was inspired by exactly that situation at an airport in India. The man next to me received a text message and what followed was a quite spectacular emotional explosion. I wish I could have said some wise words to console him, renew his hope, soothe his soul. But in that moment you just don’t know what to do. Doris does. But that’s Doris. This could be the start of something …

 Kane: James Morau  Doris: Elizabeth Burke Direction: Penny Irving


Michael Lill – “The Big One”

Local Mayor, Gordon Hunt believes he is some kind of God with a dominion stretching as far as the eye can see. With one of our country’s most significant cultural celebrations less than an hour away, he is set to revel in the fruits of other people’s labour. Then his Deputy arrives with some news.

Mayor Hunt:   Des Mayblom  Tim: Michael Borenstein  
Direction: Michael Borenstein


 Belinda Lopez – “Two Girls And A Box”

Curiosity. It lurks in all of us, and let’s face it, life would be pretty boring without it. Sometimes it can get us into trouble though… like when it trumps privacy. Luckily in this case it didn’t kill the cat, but I’m curious….what do you think is in the box?

Jane: Kimberly McIntyre  Emily: Christelle Naude  
Direction: Hielrick Georges Dajon


 John Bailey – “The Widow Maker”

One day my mind did something different. I wrote dialogue rather than history. Let it rip. Oh the relief of not being bogged down by bloody facts. My heart jumps in a jazz chorus as I compose a murder mystery.

Alice: Toni Collins  Harry: Scott Jones 
Squirrel: Justice Hamnett / (Nov 14  Mike Russo)  
Direction: Georgia Martin


John McPherson – “Mrs Serafini”

I was seeking to explore the notion of dealing with loss. The reality constructed by each person is distinctly different from the next person’s. We may live beside someone but never know their innermost secrets. What informs their intimate thoughts and memories. Positive things or negative things that they may punish themselves for that no-one else knows about. Mrs Serafini is a story about one of those secrets – a tragic secret – and how, through unpredictable circumstance, one woman’s tragic loss is turned, by the power of her own imagination, into a joy.

Mrs Serafini: Sharon Brodie  Direction: Kylie Fuad


Ollie Heathwood – “Follow Spot”

It was during a post show discussion about a lighting operator having a run in with an actor and leaving in a huff that I said ”They could have done much more damage by staying and working the lights against the actor’s best interests. Lots of comic potential there.” Driving home I started to think about exploring what that would be like. Trawling for a suitable monologue for the actor, I came across Lady Macbeth’s famous speech, and the first line made me laugh, so the play grew from there.

 Harmony: Christelle Naude Angie: Brenda Shero Davina: Mandy Morris
Direction: Ollie Heathwood


Paula Williams – “Dottie”

I have been writing since I was 16 and now, having turned 90, my passion for writing and theatre is just as strong. It is the actor in me, when ever I glimpse a particular personality, I love to create an internal monologue about how they view life and the people in their life.

 Dottie:          Jennie Hicks  Direction: Jenny Johnson & Katherine Hicks


Mike Russo – “Mother’s Hat”

A surreal, expressionist look at the prejudices of a conservative family as they deal with an unwelcome visitor. The look and feel of this play was germinated when I was asked to devise an improvisation in the style of the German expressionist movement when I was at university twenty years ago. It has stayed with me as something I should explore further.

Daughter: Judy Boreham Son: Carl Taylor/  (14 & 15 Nov  Kito )
Father: Mike Russo  Mother: Jan Wilde  Visitor: Toni Collins
Direction: Mike Russo & Judy Boreham  Costumes:     Marion Russo


Mark Swivel & Kathryn Walker– “In The Vacuum”

An absurdist or horribly real look at how we frail and lovely humans tackle the big and the small – being intimate with our loved ones as we struggle to just get through the day; or doing the vacuuming while we do something practical about climate change; how we communicate, how we give shape to the vacuum of ordinary life. All that. And it’s funny.

Her: Kathryn Walker Him: Mark Swivel  featuring Thibault and Nina Walker and thank you to Buzz Walker for the best line in the play
DirectionKathryn Walker & Mark Swivel


Thanks to Bette Guy; Mullum Printworks; The Bookshop; Russell Eldridge; Jill McCann and all involved in creating and producing the plays.

Come and Have “A Good Look Around”

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 4, 5, 6 July 2014

something a little different ……..

An Invitation To Join Us In Some Politically Motivated Creativity

Tony Barry is a well-known Australian actor who has done us the honour of agreeing to be the Patron of the Drill Hall Theatre Company. Tony believes that Australian values, that can be simply summed up as “a fair go for all”, are being undermined by our current political situation and he is powerfully motivated to do what he can to work towards a change for the better. Tony believes that the role of the politically motivated artist is to shine a light on social issues in order to facilitate the discovery of solutions.

Along with other members of the Drill Hall Theatre Company Tony is sending out the following call to actors, performers, artists, musicians, film makers and all other creative activists:

  • Do you feel pissed off that greed and stupidity are calling the shots while being fuelled by political bastardry that results in an erosion of our values and the vandalising of the environment?
  • Do you want to join the search for alternatives through a creative collective of ideas and insights?

If you do then you might like to join us in the Drill Hall Theatre on Friday evening July 4 at 6pm and if you like what you see, then you might want to come for the ride over the next two evenings and contribute to a presentation, of sorts, on the evening of Sunday July 6. We guarantee you an experience of empowerment through play, serious play! Bring your favourite political cartoon, your concerns, ideas, wit, skills and your wisdom.

The conveners, Tony Barry, Greg Aitken and Michael Hennessy warmly welcome all serious players to become participating pranksters helping to suggest a more nourishing game to play.

We will be gathering at 6pm on Friday July 4 to workshop ideas; 5pm on Saturday July 5 to further develop those ideas; and 6pm on Sunday July 6 to review what we have come up with and where we might go from there. One of our primary goals will be to develop performance based ways to inform and empower others to express and share their political views.

The kitchen will be open and a gold coin donation towards costs would be welcome.

…. and the result.  Go to the following must see link in Echonetdaily.



6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15 May, 2011

Local writer and actor Greg Aitken wrote this adaptation of famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s last play and it was performed at the Drill Hall Theatre, Mullumbimby on Friday, Saturday & Sunday 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th and Wednesday 11th of May. Sunday performances were are at 5pm with all other performances at 8pm.

Greg set the play on a health retreat near Mount Warning and it deals with a man whose obsessive approach to his art has alienated him from his personal relationships. When his beautiful younger wife meets the handsome wild dog hunter and the artist is reunited with his former model their lives are led down paths that they should have taken years before, by the sinister owner and chief therapist of the health retreat. There is humour, biting satire and searing drama in this tender and brutal play.

Featuring Greg Aitken, Cate Feldmann, Robynn Goddard, Sam Hemphill and Mike Russo and directed by Dominick Reyntiens,