Noise Management at the Drill Hall

The Licensee of the Drill Hall, The Mullumbimby District Cultural Centre and its constituent group, the Drill Hall Theatre Company, recognises that this community facility is in a residential area and that neighbours must be considered when hiring the hall.  For this reason the hall is no longer hired out to bands that have loud amplified music or loud drumming, nor is the hall hired out for events such as birthday parties or weddings.  Our website states:  “Please note that the Drill Hall is in a residential area and is not a suitable venue for loud music.”

The hall is used by the Drill Hall Theatre Company for its productions and although the NSW EPA noise restrictions are from 10pm to 8am Sunday to Thursday and 12am to 8am on Friday and Saturday, the restrictions we place on the hall far exceed that.  We expect that the majority of our Friday and Saturday productions will cease by 10pm and the hall vacated quietly by 11pm .  We also ask our actors and our audience to respect our neighbours as far as noise is concerned.  Our Sunday productions are all matinees, usually at 2pm.  On those rare occasions where a production goes slightly past the 10pm we still have the expectation that the hall be vacated quietly by 11pm.  We are happy to inform neighbours of any shows that will exceed the 10pm time if so desired.

The hall is also hired out to visiting and community groups.  When signing the contract these groups agree to the following condition:  “The theatre is in a residential area and noise restrictions apply.  At all times noise should be kept to a reasonable level and all noise should cease by 10pm and the theatre vacated by 11pm.  At all times neighbours should be respected and post show noise kept to a minimum.”  There are also signs in the hall requesting that the neighbours be respected.

The hall is also used during the Mullumbimby Music Festival.  The festival management has agreed not to put ‘loud’ events on at the Drill Hall and to adhere to the 10pm finishing time.

Where neighbours feel that the above guidelines are not being met they are invited to contact the Drill Hall Theatre Company with their concerns.  This can be done via email to or by phone call/message to Theatre Manager, Jill Benham on 02 6684 1439.  These concerns will be taken to the Drill Hall Committee to be addressed through a Complaints Management process.  Drill Hall users will be expected to address any issues concerned or will be place on a “do not return” list.