Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola are not working at the Drill Hall at the moment.  For more information contact Simon (contact details below)

Beginners classes in Capoeira Angola: an Afro-Brazilian cultural art, a dance, game, martial art, ritual, philosophy, history lesson and resistance movement.

All classes will involve learning some of the traditional music, movements and game of Capoeira Angola from the state of Bahia in Brazil, especially influenced by the lineages of Mestre Pastinha via Mestres Joao Pequeno and Joao Grande, Mestre Lua Rasta and the Angoleiros do Mar.

No prior experience is necessary, classes are safe and fun, beginners and people of all fitness levels and body types are welcome. Simon Thakur has 20 years experience in Capoeira Angola and is also a professional movement teacher and rehabilitation practitioner.

Cost is $25, $20 concession
Contact Simon on 0431166737 or