Waiting in the Wings 6 and final from Cardiff

Greg Aitken keeps us up to date…

19 September 2017

‘Ready to Fly’

Ray Thomas, the director, is especially pleased with the quality of the production, the positive response from the Cardiff audiences and the blending of our two companies into one. While the Everyman cast of Do Not Go Gentle make their final performance in the Valleys this weekend, the Drill Hall cast are scattered throughout Britain,  Europe and Byron Shire.

For the Drill Hall team the rest from the show provides the opportunity to ponder what areas worked and where we can do better. The four Everyman cast are honing their skills in performance. Indeed at the farewell lunch in Cardiff the discussion was about the excitement of performing in Mullumbimby and how the short break will refresh us all to achieve the level of performance that Patricia Cornelius’ play deserves. All agree that it is a luxury to have two seasons of the one production. Drill Hall audiences will see a very polished show.

Mullumbimby is no doubt preparing itself for the Gentle Welsh invasion on 3 October. Though lavish feasts and sightseeing will soon give way to rehearsals. As our Welsh friends become part of the Drill Hall family the culmination of this creative and beautiful project will be an emotional experience for cast, crew, colleagues and our audience.

What the Drill Hall and Everyman Theatre Company’s have achieved with ‘Gentle’ is to show how people from different countries, hemispheres and backgrounds can work together harmoniously to make a special piece of theatre. The response to the play is echoing in  the valleys of Wales and soon the hills of Byron Shire.This tight company of theatre workers have joined forces from Cardiff and Mullumbimby to create a fine production of a magnificent Australian play. The poet said, “Do Not Go Gentle ” but do go to witness this special production. Be part of this amazing project that will be remembered “till the dying of the light”.

Do Not Go Gentle plays for 6 performances only, 13 – 22 October. Tickets selling now.