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Playback Performance – What Really Matters?

Saturday 17th June at 7:30pm

In this age of global warming, cyberspace, rampant capitalism & terrorism, how do you determine what really matters? Perhaps finding inspiration in dark times, connecting to community, protecting the environment or building a peaceful world informs what matters most to you.

What has shaped your sense of what matters? How has it changed over the years? Was there a defining moment which changed your view of what’s important – where you took a stand or changed the way you live your life? Have you ever lost a sense of what really matters?

Come and share your stories about what matters in your life, relationships, work, politics, the world. Watch as the Playback actors bring them to life on stage in drama, movement and music.

Entry: $15/$10 at the door

Enquiries: 0408 369001 or email

Playback Theatre is spontaneous, improvised theatre which plays back, through drama and sound, audience members’ stories, experiences and events from their lives. We have been rehearsing and performing since 1998, and give regular community performances & workshops throughout the year.


Bajaly Suso

Appearing later in the year


Bajaly comes from a Gambian family who have passed down the tradition of musicianship through many generations. He is related to past masters Jali Nyama Suso and Foday Musa Suso and has been playing and singing the traditional songs of the Gambia for almost 20 years.
Dressed in traditional robes, singing ancient songs and telling folk tales of his native land, Bajaly is part of the legacy of ancient Africa. With a haunting, plaintive voice and prodigious technique on his unique instrument.

Entry $15 (adult); $10 (child) at the door.

More information available at:

… and a review in the Byron Shire Echo of a previous performance:


Mullum Folk Club

Mullum Folk Club is in Recess.  There may be shows from time to times but at the moment not on a monthly basis


If you are new to folk club, here’s how it works, if you are an original songwriter and would like to have a chance to perform come along on Wednesday night and put your name on the board, first in first on……doors open at 7.00pm, show starts at 7.30pm, entry $7.50, Old Drill Hall

Visit us at: